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  1. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 1


    Halli Hallo ihr Lieben
    Wie der Name des Threads schon vermuten lässt, suche ich Informationen und vor allem Erfahrungsberichte zur Hollywood-Star-Diät ... Ich habe schon fleißig gegooglet, aber genaue Pläne konnte ich leider nicht finden Und bitte, bitte nicht mit mir schimpfen von wegen viel zu einseitig und so weiter und sofort ... So wie ich im Moment esse (viel Schoki und anderen Süßkram) ist es auch nicht gesund ... ganz im Gegenteil ...
    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir ein bisschen weiter helfen ... Ich bin über jede Antwort dankbar!
    LG, Lena

  2. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 2

    AW: Hollywood-Star-Diät

    Hollywood Diet

    The Hollywood diet is often advertised on late night television as a "48 hour miracle diet". While being on the diet, it is claimed that people can lose between 5 and 15 pounds. A central focus of this diet is a "specially formulated juice drink" that is supposed to stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat.

    While on the diet, people should refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, and consuming caffeine. Instead you drink the Hollywood Diet juice. This juice will be the only nutritive substance that a dieter may consume for the next couple of days. Food is not allowed. The juice claims to contain 100 percent of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need in a regular diet, along with enzymes and other "botanical extracts".

    As is the case with the vast majority of fad diets on the market, this is a diet to avoid. You may very well lose weight on this diet, but it would only be due to severe, unhealthy calorie restriction. The Hollywood Diet juice drink only accounts for 500 calories per day, as opposed to the 2000 calories that an average person needs. It can be quite easy to lose weight if you starve yourself. People who go on this diet can expect to be weak, tired, have difficulty concentrating, and in general not be very happy. Also, you won't keep the weight off if you go right back to whatever pattern of eating resulted in you gaining weight in the first place. There are no miracle diets. There are only sound nutritional principles that, when followed over the course of years, not days, can lead to better health and weight control.

  3. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 3

    AW: Hollywood-Star-Diät

    noch eine andere page:

    The Hollywood Celebrity Diet

    Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Except for food.

    This is the quandary behind "The Original Hollywood Celebrity Diet" (as seen on TV), which promises that you can lose up to 10 pounds in two days. The diet is endorsed as "The Official Diet of Hollywood," licensed by the Official Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and called "The Best Kept Secret Secret of the Hollywood Stars!" — how can you go wrong?

    Well, that's easy. Get this: for two whole days, if you want to lose these supposed 10 pounds, you can't eat, drink alcohol, drink caffeine, or smoke. Instead, you drink the "specially formulated juice diet" containing "over 100 percent of the US RDA of essential vitamins and minerals" as well as "botanical extracts for added antioxidant benefits."

    You've gotta love botanical extracts: they always sound great, and then they often end up giving you a heart attack or liver damage.

    Honestly, not eating for two days wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the lack of caffeine and nicotine. Anybody who has gone through college knows that a person can extract a surprising amount of sustenance through the precious bean and weed.

    Day One went like this: I woke up and immediately had a panic attack at the pending task. I went to the gym, congratulating myself on my diligence, but the rest of the day was downhill. Not only was the work day intolerable, knowing I couldn't partake of any food during or afterward, I wanted to cry due to the lack of caffeine. Celestial Seasonings tea, Orbit gum and the Hollywood Diet juice, which is pleasant tasting in a generically tropical way (although with an odd, musty aftertaste), simply didn't cut it.

    I spent Day Two at home, sleeping. The best way to do the Hollywood Diet if you're weak-willed like me: unconscious. Another good tip for Hollywood Dieters is to NOT grocery shop before the diet, unless you're a masochist and enjoy mourning the food going uneaten in your refrigerator.

    To cut to the chase, I didn't lose the 10 pounds, but I did lose eight pounds in two days, which is nothing to sneeze at. A pair of summer pants fit a little bit looser the next day, but with no wedding, no reunion, or no hot date for which to lose the weight, it was a hollow victory.

    The Hollywood Diet DOES work, simply because consuming 400 liquid calories a day (as opposed to the recommended 1500-2000 calories) is certain to slim you down. However, one could conceivably do it with normal, everyday juice, or even with nothing at all. It is still unclear to me how going without cigarettes or coffee or Diet Pepsi helps one lose the weight, however.

    Yes, losing up to 10 pounds in two days is a grittily satisfying experience. But not nearly as satisfying as gaining it all back the day after.


  4. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 4

    AW: Hollywood-Star-Diät

    Höööö Äähm, ich glaube nicht, dass wir von der gleichen Diät reden ...
    Bei der Hollywood-Diät, die ich meinte isst man hauptsächlich tropische Früchte und nach so und so viel Tagen wird das Obst dann durch Brot, Gemüse und Fleisch ergänzt ...

  5. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 5

    AW: Hollywood-Star-Diät


    also ich habe die Diät 5, von 4 Wochen durchgehalten und habe 5 Kilo dabei abgenommen.
    Leider kam dann der Jojo und ich habe alles wieder zugenommen


  6. Hollywood-Star-Diät # 6

    AW: Hollywood-Star-Diät

    Zitat Zitat von B-I-N-C-H-E-N

    also ich habe die Diät 5, von 4 Wochen durchgehalten und habe 5 Kilo dabei abgenommen.
    Leider kam dann der Jojo und ich habe alles wieder zugenommen

    was bei Monodiäten meistens der Fall ist....

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